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So what is Dealure?

Dealure is a digital market place that allows its users to sell and buy products with reliability and ease. Dealure assists its seller with options to exhibit their products in the form of photos.

It assists its buyers to remain updated about the latest sale offers as per their preferred locations and categories. It has been developed keeping in mind a lower learning curve there by enabling its users to register and get in action within no time.

Simple registration process via OTP authentication

As seller you can

  • Upload images of your product shot right from your smartphone's camera.

  • Describe your products photos and descriptions.

  • Attract buyer by specifying discount % and price tags, which can be strategically moved and placed around your product photo.

  • Set the product's category and target location to reach potential customers looking out for similar products within the closest proximity.

  • Receive phone calls from interested buyers and close the deal as per your convenience.

  • Get potential buyer insights in the form of infographics for categories across geographies.

As Buyer

  • Get notified and browse through the selling deals based on your preferred categories and configured locations.

  • Preview photos, offers and read the product description as provided by the seller

  • Flag a deal as favourite and revisit them as per your convenience.

  • Call the seller of the product directly from your phone by the click of a button.

  • Negotiate and close deal as per your convenience.

  • Get deal insights in the form of infographics for categories across geographies.

As an advertiser

  • Get insights to buyer statistics for categories across geographies

  • Get a campaign integrated with full screen interactive banner for maximum attention.

  • Interested buyers get navigated to your website / application.

  • Configure your campaign for impressions across locations.

  • Get detailed report related to the convergence rate of your campaign.